Kitchen & Furniture Handling for Pro’s


Are you a manufacturer or distributor of Kitchen & Furniture looking for a partner in intralogistics?

VanRiet Material Handling Systems is committed to increasing the competitive advantage of Kitchen & Furniture Manufacturers around the world through the design, supply and delivery of the best automated intralogistic solutions in the industry.


The kitchen and furniture branch bears a strong resemblance to the automotive industry. Producers and distributors must keep a close eye on the trends. As with cars, kitchens are mostly produced “Make to Order”, therefore you demand maximum control.


As a manufacturer of kitchens or furniture, you aim for a regulated flow of goods, consolidating a customer order at the end of the line right before shipping. Cost control is of high importance within the intralogistics in your industry. The products are voluminous and heavy, so transport and storage systems must be suitable for larger sizes. During internal transport, the products must remain damage free and end-of-line completeness of the customers’ order is key.

Investments in intralogistic systems, such as sorting systems or conveying solutions, are expected to be both profitable and reliable. VanRiet works with modular systems, therefore assembly times are relatively short and a lay-out can be easily modified during the process. Due to this scalability, the manufacturer can rely on maximum flexibility. This is how VanRiet enables the kitchen and furniture manufacturer to be leading and competitive trend after trend. Would you like to know more about how we work? Read the “VanRiet Standard 4.0” tab and get familiar with the way we get things done.



VANRIET is commited to increasing the competitive advantage of kitchen & furniture manufacturers around the world



Through the design, integration, installation and maintenance of the best automated transport and sorting solutions



Automated transport and sorting solutions for kitchen & furniture manufacturers.