Increasing production capacity of manufacturing plants through smart logistic solutions

The demand for an increase in production capacity at Häcker Küchen is the result of continuous growth in customer demand. VanRiet and Häcker jointly developed an innovative layout boosting capacity and regulating their flow of goods optimally.


This specific VanRiet system at Häcker Küchen is able to process approximately 1.400 items per hour and runs at 36 meters per minute. The system handles the input from 3 different production halls with a multiple of production lines and a separate flow of incoming goods from supplying companies.


At Häcker Küchen VanRiet installed a total of 4 Auto Sorters. The Auto Sorter™ is developed by experts and especially for kitchen manufacturers. With a max load of 200 Kg, they were a strategic fit for their distribution centre in Rödinghausen, Germany.

The scope of supply included the total transport from a multiple of production lines from where the cabinets are build, labelled and transported to the merging area. At the merging area multiple flows of goods are converted into the main stream. Which leads the kitchen cabinets to the sorting area where they are being scanned automatically right before they enter the Auto Sorter™. Kitchen cabinets from multiple production lines are sorted to their specific destination in what is called the “shipment area”. The area where multiple kitchen cabinets and additional equipment, as dishwashers and kitchen dressers, are being gathered and consolidated per customer order via one of the over 40 exits. When the customers’ order is complete the kitchen is ready to be send to the customer.